I trust you are a searcher looking to understand the transformation that is happening with spiritual matters, as well as in the whole of society.

We are privileged to live at a moment of great danger and wondrous possibility in the story of human evolution. Our future depends on the quality and competence of our humanity; how we relate to the earth, one another, and the great Mystery of a vast and wondrous Universe.

My books are my word in the conversation. May they, especially The Bible Beyond Religion, which is my last book in the series, be of help as you find and grow in your place in this ongoing drama.
Don Murray

The Bible Beyond Religion


In this book Don Murray continues his understanding of the transformation that is happening in the spiritual realm as a change from supernatural thinking to natural thinking. Even as we used to think of the Greek gods and goddesses as supernatural fantasies we now understand them as psychic realities. The same is happening within our contemporary religions.

However, there is much more to our spiritual traditions than supernaturalism. In myth, story and actual history they record the wisdom of the ages of human experience.

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